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A growing concern for the American public is the health and well being of our military veterans. These brave men and women have risked their lives for the American public, and its freedom. It is commonly known that these Americans have endured treacherous conditions that one can not fathom unless they themselves were there. That being said, VA health is a frequently spoke about, and hot topic in today’s healthcare economy. As well as physical health care, we must not forget about the importance of mental health care.


VA Health Screening Tools

On the national healthcare site for VAs, there are mental health screening tools. Under this category, users can take a 3-5 minute health screen survey that can give them a general idea of where their mental health state is currently at, and if they should seek further assistance. The self-surveys consist of PTSD Screening, Depression Screening, Substance Abuse Screenings, and Alcohol Use Screening. How effective are these health screenings? If a Vet is really under mental stress or abusing drugs or alcohol, will they go seek the help they actually need?

Testing for substance and alcohol abuse for mentally disabled veterans could be the answer to these men and women overcoming mental illness, such as depression or PTSD.

The first question on the substance abuse survey states “In your life, which of the following substances have you ever used? (non-medical use only)”

VA health

Hoping these test takers answer honestly, and put forth effort into seeking further help if the survey suggests too, are the best hopes we can have.

Most times, ones mental state is a direct reflection of one’s physical state. If one is not mentally stable, how can that person be expected to take care of themselves physically? Mental illness, drug, and alcohol addiction have recently been recognized as a disability in America. The current drug epidemic going on is a perfect example of how the disease of mental illness will run rapid, if not worked upon today.

Testing Center

If you, a family member, or friend is a veteran that is seeking mental or substance abuse help and would like to get tested visit us at